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Vince2 (1)Vince Rigoni’s true passion is all things Real Estate. This industry has never felt like ‘work’ to him and he exudes passion as well as in-depth knowledge in many areas of the home building process including land acquisition, sales and development planning.

Vince grew up in beautiful Southwest Florida, completed college at the University of Central Florida and currently resides in Naples, FL. This Florida paradise has always been home to Vince and his goal is to help others realize their own piece of paradise too. Having obtained his Florida Real Estate license back in 2003 (FL Brokers License in 2010/Hawaii Brokers in 2014), Vince has been an integral part of many successful transactions that have enabled his clients to far exceed their goals. Vince also leverages his BSBA. Finance degree, MBA and his successful 11 year career with a Fortune 50 company (responsible for over $500M in career sales) which provides unmatched levels of customer service, attention to detail, financial acumen and negotiating skills; thus creating exceptional opportunities for his clients. This unique background promotes greater efficiencies throughout the process with extreme focus on superior customer outcomes & quality. He manages every customers’ project as if it were his own.

Leela Lifestyle Homes is a concept like no other and Vince is sincerely proud to be a part of it. This ‘one of a kind’ concept and mission is a culmination of his experience, areas of strength and the profound desire to improve peoples lives through the homes in which they live.

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